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Extra Fun Stuff

Add these great accessories to your table. They will add the perfect touch.

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Folding Tiered Dessert Server

Three tier dessert server. Holds scones, desserts or small tea sandwiches. Add this very pretty ivory stand to your guests tables or buffet table. Place food on doilies or napkins. 6'inch round... [ More Details ]
5.00 each

Creamer and Sugar

 Creamer and Sugar will comes in different assortments and sizes.... [ More Details ]
4.00 each

Luncheon Plates

 Rent these luncheon plates. Assorted patterns and sizes. They will come in different patterns to compliment the teacups and saucers. Sizes are 7 1/2-8in.... [ More Details ]
2.00 each

Jam and Condiment Server Set

2 Bowl Jam and Condiment Server set complete with spoons made of nickel-plated zinc. The tempered glass ramekin bowls are 4" in diameter at the top, 1 3/4" diameter on their bottom and are about 1 3/4" deep.  The spoons are 4 3/4" long. ... [ More Details ]
4.00 each

Silver Three Tiered Stand / Food Server

 Our three tiered silver stands accommodate a 10" to 12" plate on each tier. Stands are 22" tall. Use this item for serving tea sandwiches, pastries and scones.... [ More Details ]
6.00 each

Dessert Plates

 Rent these desserts plates. Assorted patterns and sizes. They will come in different patterns to compliment the teacups and saucers. Sizes are 6-7in... [ More Details ]
1.50 each

White Three Tiered Food / Dessert stand

Three tiered white stand. Perfect to place sandwiches, desserts or scones. No plates needed for tiers. Doily 10-12' recommended. Stands 26'h. Perfect for buffet tables or guest table.... [ More Details ]
6.00 each

Vintage Lace Dessert Stand

Three tier white lace server perfect to add to a table with scones, small desserts or sandwiches.... [ More Details ]
5.00 each

Pink two tiered stand

Baby pink two tiered stand for rent. Bottom tier is 10in. Top tier is 8in. Silver metal handle.... [ More Details ]
5.00 each

Welcome sign

Welcome your guest by placing this ivory metal sign on a gift or sign in table.... [ More Details ]
3.00 each

Cottage Rose Serving Tray

Serve food on this shabby chic rose tray. 20'L x12'dp Metal... [ More Details ]
5.00 each

Shabby White Serving Tray

 ... [ More Details ]
5.00 each

Small Silver Fork

The forks are made in beautiful nickel-plated zinc alloy. They fork measuring 4.75". They are topped with an elegant looking teapot.... [ More Details ]
0.75 each

Hot Water Urn

Don't boil pots of water on your stove you'll NEVER have enough hot water in time. Use this 35cup water urn to heat up water for your teapots. Have the perfect tempture water everytime to serve to your guests.... [ More Details ]
12.00 each

Gold three tiered stand/ food server

Rent this beautiful gold three tiered food or dessert stand. The stand holds a 8inch, 10 or 12inch plate.... [ More Details ]
6.00 each

Children Tea Setting 3pc set

Rent this adorable children tea setting. Perfect fit for there little hands. Rent for a kids tea party or make them feel special at a adult tea party and have this special set for them. Perfect for ages 2-6.... [ More Details ]
6.00 each

Teapot Vase

Rent a teapot vase for your tea table. So simple and beautiful to add to your guest, or buffet table.... [ More Details ]
6.00 each

Gold Round Charger

Add a charger to your tea table. It will give your table a elegant complete look. Only available for parties of 30 and under.... [ More Details ]
2.00 each

Glass Plates

10'-12' glass dinner plates. Used for our tea stands.... [ More Details ]
1.00 each

Silver teapot demi spoon

Silver-plated demi teapot spoon. Perfect to add to your teacup to stir or sugar bowl. Approx. 4.5 inches in length.... [ More Details ]
0.75 each

Two Sided Dish

This white two-sided dish with handle is perfect to hold different flavors of tea bags... [ More Details ]
2.00 each

Pastry or Sandwhich tong

Add this delightful silver tong to your buffet to serve small pastries or tea sandwiches. 8.5" long... [ More Details ]
2.50 each

Small Silver Spreader

The spreaders are made in beautiful nickel-plated zinc alloy. As their name implies, they are smaller pieces with the spreaders measuring 5". They are topped with an elegant looking teapot.... [ More Details ]
0.75 each

Sugar Tongs

 Add these silver sugar tongs to your creamer and sugar set. Its the perfect touch to your tea table. Perfect size to handle sugar cubes.... [ More Details ]
1.50 each