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Rent this adorable children's tea setting in our gum drop collection. 3pc set includes teacup, saucer and matching plate. Perfect fit for little hands. Rent for a kids tea party or make them feel special at an adult tea party with this special set for them. Perfect for age’s 2-6. Teacup size 5 oz., saucer 6", lunch plate 8".


Comes in 4 pastel colors, pink, blue, lavender and sage green and covered in pretty flowers

Teacups and plates available to rent separate. Other styles available contact office for details

Children Tea Setting

SKU: 72
  • The renter is responsible- To return any items that were not re-packed in containers when picked up by Rent A Tea Party. Also, in the case of sending personal china with Rent A Tea Party the renter is responsible to pick up or pay extra fees to get items back. See Policies for more information.