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Bouquet of Peonies

Our Services



We would be happy to set up your tea tables for your perfect tea party for a fee starting at only $75.00. Fee will depend on size of party and items rented. Rent A Tea Party will setup all items rented from us only.

Think you may be too tired to clean and pack up the tea ware after your tea party? We can do it for you. Break down fee starts at $75.00. Rent A Tea Party will clean up all items rented from us.


Delivery or Pick-up

Rent A Tea Party would be happy to deliver all tea items to your party location. Depending on location distance there is a delivery fee. 

There is a $125.00 minimum rental order to deliver to the location.

Pick-up times are appointment only and must be brought back to Rent A Tea Party 24 hours later. Please contact us for more details. If needed, different pickup or drop-off times can be arranged.

Rental prices are for a 24 hour period unless picked up from the office or other arrangements are made to fit your need.

If rental order is not returned on agreed-upon day and time you will be charged half the amount of your rental cost for every day not returned.


If the items are not ready for pickup from the location on time and day agreed upon Renter will be responsible to bring items back to Fontana location same day otherwise half amount of rental will be charged for every day not returned.

Items MUST be packed in containers prior to driver pickup. If Items are not in containers when the driver arrives there will be a $50.00 charge for cleanup.


Tea Service

On hiatus, we are not providing this service at this time. Let Rent A Tea Party come and serve your guests, we will supply experienced, professional, friendly staff for your event. Contact us for details and costs. Costs are estimated on hours of service needed and guest amount.


Includes- setup of tea station and teapots, brewing and serving tea to your guests and cleanup of tea station and teapots) *Does not include gratuity.

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